American Central Transport Raises Pay for Company Drivers and Contractors

February 8, 2018

American Central Transport (ACT) has announced that it will be increasing both contractor and company driver pay this month, as well as implementing a new bonus incentive for company drivers.

Effective February 28th, ACT contractors will be paid an additional $ 0.02 cents per mile. ACT company drivers will receive an across­-the-­board pay raise, and will be eligible for up to a $500 monthly bonus as part of ACT’s new “Drive Your Pay” bonus plan. Detention pay will be paid at $20 per hour for all qualifying loads.

“Our freight demand has increased and this has allowed us to offer these major boosts to our pay package,” said Phil Wilt, ACT’s president and COO. “We’re implementing the new bonus plan to reward our company drivers for the miles they drive. Every month, company drivers will earn a bonus of $150 once they have driven 9,000 miles, and the bonus amounts will increase with each thousand miles they drive, up to a monthly payment of $500 for 12,000 miles driven.”

“We strive every day to provide the best freight, top pay, strong benefits and a culture that values our drivers,” Wilt said. “We pledge to continue to monitor our driver pay programs and to remain an industry leader in our total compensation package.”


American Central Transport, Inc. is a dry van truckload carrier serving major shippers throughout the eastern half of the United States. Founded in 1926 as E.K. Motor Service, the company was later renamed after it was purchased by the Kretsinger family, who still run it today. ACT has been frequently recognized for its quality and premium service, signified by its “Raising the Standard” motto.

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