What I want for the New Year…Drivers!

December 29, 2014

The trucking industry faces a labor shortage, that is to say, everyone is short of good drivers.  Throughout 2014, we have had more freight that we can haul.  This is the best opportunity I have seen for our company in my career.  We expect this to continue through 2015.  But, sigh, we have also had some empty trucks.  What a lost opportunity!  ACT, along with everyone else in the trucking industry, is trying to figure out how to get enough good drivers, in a headwind of a shortage that promises to get worse.

Here at ACT, we believe we offer a much better deal than other companies.  Our pay and benefits are top drawer, our people, culture and core values are driver friendly and we run good, late model equipment.  Our shop is great, and our discounts on labor, parts and fuel are passed on to owner operators.

As the year has progressed, we have spent more and more money on recruiting to find the good drivers to be a part of the ACT team.  I would like to ask for your help.  I would sure like to see this money go to our drivers, rather than the recruiting magazines.

No one knows what it is like to be a driver at ACT better than…<drum roll>…you guessed it….you, our drivers!  For this reason you have an opportunity to make a lot more money working as a recruiter.  You are not on your own.  Driver recruiters for ACT have the solid support of our great Recruiting team.  We have found that almost every driver who comes to our orientation has talked with at least 3 ACT drivers before joining us.  You can help these folks find a great home and mentor them to the success we all know is happening at ACT.

Call us to learn how you can become a part of this team and boost your income while helping a good driver somewhere find a good home and a successful career…here at ACT, the best company in trucking.

Happy Trucking!  Tom

We're Ready When You Are.

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